This life matters.

That is different than saying that this life is all that matters.

It is also different than saying that all that matters is the life to come.

I do believe that there is more than this life. I believe that there is a life to come. In fact, I think that it will be quite splendid. I am looking forward to it. However, I am not there yet. I am here, in this life, this time and place. I believe that I called to live here, to invest, to work, to play, and to pray here, in this life, this time and place. Faithfulness is what I do here.

Some in my tribe have looked beyond this life to what is next. Some have even vilified this present life. I believe that the promise of the life to come gives us the context and the hope to fully invest in this life. The goal is not escape or extraction from this life to the next life. The goal is walking with God in an intimate partnership for good in this life, with confidence that somehow God will make all things right in the life to come.

What do you think? How do our views of this life and the life to come impact our daily thoughts and actions?