I have come to believe the hate is one of the greatest dangers of our age.


It is easy to miss this lurking danger for a couple of reasons.

1. Denial: We simply call hate something else like “passionate conviction” or “spirited discussion.”

2. Justification: We think that our hate is ok because of what another person or group did.


We can see the harm caused by hate in the story about a guy named Jonah (yes, the whale guy). The Story of Jonah should have been an unprecedented success story. Unfortunately, Jonah’s hate turned this story into a timeless tragedy. Below are a few of the ways that Jonah was harmed by his own hate. The pot hole of hate threatens to do the same kind of damage to each of us today.

1. Hate Robs Us of Our Calling. Our hate prevents us from being the people who we are called to be and do the things that we are called to do.

2.Hate Robs Us of Our Relationships. Hate obviously obliterates our relationship with the people who are objects of our hate, but it is also a poison that spreads into all of our relationships.

3. Hate Robs Us of our Joy. Jonah should have been the center of the biggest party in the history of Nineveh, but his hate left him alone in the sun and windstorms. Today, our hate still kills the party, and makes us grumpy people.


Here are some of the ways that I have found helpful for avoiding the pot hole called hate.

1. Receive Grace. Accept grace from God, others, and yourself. Remember that you are not perfect, but you are still loved. Internalize that reality.

2. Be Honest. Acknowledge when you are hurt, disappointed, or angry. When left unchecked, those things can grow into hate.

3. Humanize Others. It is more difficult to hate a person or group when we really know them as fellow human beings.

4. Give Grace. Remember how you are loved in spite of your imperfections? Yeah, do that.

What do you think? What have you found to be helpful in avoiding hate?