Over the past few weekends there was a protester in the park across the street from our church building. He was holding up signs talking about the “sin” of voting for Barack Obama. I doubt that he reads my blog, but I thought that I would share some of my thoughts with him – just in case. As the disclaimer on the right states – these are my personal thoughts, not the official stance of Elmbrook. Nor should this post be read as a political statement. It is more theological / practical in nature. Most of this was written with a smile.

1. Do you know where you are?! Seriously, bro! I am confident that you can think of a million places in SE Wisconsin that have a higher concentration of Obama supporters than Elmbrook. Let me give you a few hints – drive into the city, look for a mainline congregation, and avoid groups of upper middle class moderately educated conservative white people (not all of us, but most of us)! That is not a sure fire road to success, but it will probably serve you better than protesting to the 5% of Elmbrook (my estimate) who voted for Obama.

2. Check The Grammar and Logic on your Sign. I do not think that you really meant to communicate “Repent for vote Obama = Sin.” I think that you meant something like “Repent. Voting for Obama was a Sin.” The signs also seem to have some confusion in their ideological claims. For example, Obama can probably not be in the same ideological camp as both Hitler and Marx. Nor can he be both an Islamasist and a Communist. None of those ideologies work together. You might want to pick one accusation.

3. You had better be really sure! It is a very serious thing for a person to pronounce Judgment on another human being, or group of humans. IF there is ever an appropriate time for that, then you had better be 100% sure that the message is from God, or you risk damaging your own soul. As a person who has put a lot into knowing God, my advice is that you might want to hold off on this one!

4. Try Worship on the Weekends. What if you put away the angry sign that claims to speak for God, and you joined with other humans, who are flawed like you and me, and you worshiped God? I think that might end out bringing more healing and life to you and to others.

Grace and Peace to you Sign Guy.