Image Crisis is something that all of us wrestle with at some point in our lives. Many of us hit this quest for our true identity several times: adolescence, emerging adulthood, quarter life crisis, newly married, new parents, midlife crises, retirement, and twilight years. The problem is clear – how should we live life if we do not even know who we are?

Children of God
I believe that the creation poem of Genesis tells us who we really are. It tells us that we are created in the “Image of God.” What does that mean!? Context helps us. The next time that term “in the image of” is used in the story it is about a child born to a parent (Seth born in the image of Adam). To be created in the Image of God is to be created to be a child of God.

We human beings have a core identity of being children of God. This does not mean that all of us realize or embrace that identity. In fact, most of us have forgotten. The creation poem reminds us what it means to be a child of God.

Parent Child Relationship
There are two primary aspects of a parent child relationship that are displayed in the creation poem. Remember that this was initially a healthy relationship!

1. Intimacy: The child and parent are incredibly close. The parent has a profound love for the child and cares for them and empowers them. The child has tremendous love and respect for the parent. They know each other, not just about each other. It is the desire of the parent for the child to know them, and be known by them.
We are created to have an intimate relationship with God.

2. Resemblance: The child resembles the parent. A being from outside of the situation could observe the two belong to each other. This resemblance includes both what the child values and what the child does. The child is to be about the work of the parent, and do it in the same spirit as the parent.
We are created to resemble God, to act in the World in God’s likeness.

Unity in Diversity
Does this mean that we are called to be clones?
No way!
A good parent can have different types of relationships with different types of kids.
God is big enough that no single human can fully represent Him. It takes a wide variety of people to resemble God.

To some of us this sounds like a fairy tale – too good to be true.
Well, yes and no.
The next section of the creation poem tells us that things fell apart. The relationship fell apart because the humans sold out. Unfortunately, each of us continues to sell out, being less than human, less than children of God.
But then the Story gets interesting. The rest of the story is about God working to restore us to our true identity. The Creator goes to great lengths to heal Creation. The Parent is relentless about rescuing the Child. This is the core of story of the Scriptures, and the story of our lives.

What do you think? What would intimacy with God look like for you? What would it look like to live more like God?