mandy-herreraSunday should be about the celebration of good things, and good people. I am planning on sending some shouts out to people on Sundays.

This week I am sending out a shout to Mandy Herrera. Mandy is the volunteer coordinator at The Potter’s House Association – a ministry focused on the thousands of people who live at the Guatemala City garbage dump. I have only known Mandy for 6 months, but I want to give her shouts for a few reasons.

1. Crucial Work – Mandy is in a key role in a ministry that brings holistic relief to people living in the neighborhoods at the Guatemala City dump. It is a brilliant work, which includes Education, Healthcare, Micro-Enterprise, Personal Development, and Community Support. In addition to serving a beautiful group of people (who are too often downtrodden, or at least forgotten, by the rest of the world), Mandy helps guide volunteers into life-changing experiences and relationships while serving in the community. On top of that – She even brought me juice & crackers when I spent the day in my room sick!

2. Mad Skills – Mandy is just great at what she does. She has a great balance of managing the logistics, and building relationships with people, both in the community and on the short term volunteer teams. I have never had to worry about a detail on a trip. Mandy is on it!

3. Strength – The work that Mandy does is not easy. Many people will not even drive into the neighborhoods where she serves. She could do a number of different things that would be easier and have bigger financial rewards. Mandy has stayed at her important post, and many lives are richer.

As I type this shout out, a group from our community is on their way to serve with Mandy for a week. I am thrilled when I think about how God will use Mandy to mold them as they serve in this important area!

You can also send Mandy a shout out. Just look her up on Facebook!

For more information on the Potter’s House Association please go to: