I have recently had some conversations with friends who are questioning or wrestling with God. My guess is that most of us have been in that place. I certainly have. It can feel dark, lonely, and hopeless. I did not find any easy answers in those periods of life, but I did find some moments of comfort in conversations with friends, long runs or bike rides, good music, and in rarely-chartered passages of scripture.

The infrequently read book of Habakkuk is one of those scriptures that helps me in my journey. Habakkuk reminds us of a few of the characteristics of God that give me comfort when I am struggling. I share this post with all of my fellow strugglers, those who are honestly wrestling with God and life. I pray that you will also find these observations comforting.

1. God is strong enough to take our questions. Habakkuk is a book about a person asking God bold questions. It is assuring to me to observe that God does not tell Habakkuk not to dare ask questions. The God of this book is not afraid of honest questions. We can ask God questions.

2. God is wise enough to surprise us. The answers that God gives, and the actions that God takes, do not always fit into Habakkuk’s grid of life. God will often surprise us, because God does not have the limits that we have ourselves, or the limits that place on God and the world. Sometimes my frustrations have more to do with my assumptions and interpretations about God and life … and not so much with the true God. We might need to adjust our grid to make room for the true God.

3. God is faithful enough to rescue us. God makes it very clear, that regardless of how crazy or dark life gets, the end game is redemption and healing. It might not take place in the manner or time frame that we desire, but God will set things right in the world. We must hold on to trust that one day God will put the world to rights.

Grace and Peace to you in the midst of the struggle.