Last night we will celebrated a Passover Seder with with our HUB (HUB is much easier to say than regionally based mid-sized group.). Over the years, we have found this to be a deeply meaningful tradition for a number of reasons. Here are just a couple reasons why the Passover Seder is a deeply meaningful practice, anytime of year!

A Reminder of Who God Is – The Passover Seder is a tradition that remembers God’s deliverence of the Hebrew slaves from bondage in Egypt. However, it is intended to be than a Western-style cerebral history lesson. The Passover Seder is a reminder of both what God did, and who God is. In freeing the slaves from the bondage of the empire, God is revealed as the God who moves on behalf of the powerless and oppressed.

Jesus Words in Context – The Last Supper of Jesus was not about Him just swinging through Drive Thru at Taco Bell with his Peeps. This was the Passover dinner, which would have included the Passover Seder. The Last Supper (In which we have the Lord’s Supper, or Eucharist, or Commuinion.) takes place in the context of this tradition of recognizing the deliverance of God. I do not have time or space to list all of the images of the Seder that Jesus uses as teaching points (For that I recommend that you do the Seder), but there a couple that are a couple to highlight. When Jesus took the bread, broke it, and said that “this is my body” he probably took what was called the “bread of affliction.” When Jesus lifted the cup and said “this is my blood of the new covenant” he took what was known as the Cup of Deliverance. Jesus uses these familiar images of affliction and deliverance to communicate what he is in the process of doing. In Jesus, God is taking the redemption theme to the next level. God is providing holistic (including, but beyond physical) deliverance for humanity. Jesus provided deliverance, rescue, salvation if you will, from the bondage and affliction of our very own brokenness or sin.

In writing this little post, I am struck with how creative and educationally savvy the Passover Seder is. The Seder uses holistic and experiential methods along with words to communicate deep mysteries of God. Words alone (I am a big fan of words.) just do not do those things justice. I encourage you to experience the Passover Seder (OK, and God’s redemption) for yourself.