Well, it is Easter Sunday, so I can’t really think of a better person to give a shout out to than Jesus. I will not write much, most of it has already been said by writers, and poets, and scholars far more eloquent than me.

Back in those days, like our own day, people knew that things were not right with the world.
Different people had identified different problems.
Different people had identified different solutions.
Some believed that there were no solutions.
No one expected the type of rescue that Jesus brought to us on that first Easter morning.

On that day, Jesus defeated the ultimate enemy of humanity.  Jesus defeated death. Jesus rose from the dead.

It is written that He was the first of many who will be raised from the dead.
He got the party started.
He broke the curse.
The rest of the story is in the works.
I long for the day when all of the healing, all of redemption, is complete – the day when all things will be made new.

Today, I rejoice and rest in the reality that Jesus has begun that work, a work that we catch glimpses of today, and He will be faithful to complete it one day. I believe that He is the hope of the world.