This morning I read one of the greatest quotes that I have read in some time.

This quote is from an interview with Bishop NT Wright about his view of justification (I know that I just lost some of you – but please stick with me!!!).

Wright clarifies that he does not deny the individual/ personal aspects of Christianity. However, he does feel the need to place them in the proper context. He uses the example of the earth orbiting around the sun.

We mustn’t make the mistake of thinking that everything that God does is just for the sake of little old me. We should rather realize that in biblical theology it is we who are circling round God; it is we who are in orbit around Him. God and God’s purpose for the whole creation are what matters, and we should be so lucky as to be caught up in orbit round God.

Let that statement, and that image, sit with you.

Who orbits whom?

True biblical faith certainly includes our personal individual healing, but the setting in which that takes place is with a God and a mission that are much bigger than any one of us.

I fear that we often place the individual at the center of the universe, and look for a god who will circle around us.

We often make ourselves the master, and we demand that a god serve us.

We need a faith that is worthy of the God that it presents. Yes, my personal rescue is something that only God could do. I can not overstate how grateful I am for that! However, as I read the biblical story, I am convinced that my rescue is only possible because of who God is and the larger rescue mission that God is on. In fact, I actually believe that my personal healing takes greater strides forward when I put it in the right context and join God in that larger mission – the healing of the world.

To read the entire NT Wright interview with Inter Varsity Press:

What do you think about this quote?