Elmbrook church has been mentioned in some national news sources this week. I want to briefly share the position of the church for those readers who have questions. As the disclaimer to right clarifies, the views of this blog are my own and not necessarily that of Elmbrook church. This particular post will include a statement of the position of the church on this situation.


A lawsuit has been filed against two public schools for holding graduation ceremonies in the auditorium of Elmbrook church.

Church Position:

“Elmbrook Church has always tried to be a good
neighbor and a resource to the community. A wide variety of schools
and other organizations have asked to use the Elmbrook facility for
graduations, music events, and other community functions, and over the
years we have heard widespread gratitude by these many groups for what
they were able to accomplish in the facility.”

My Thoughts:

I agree with the position that the church leadership has taken.

We are a church.

We have a nice facility that we have chosen to make available for other groups to use.

Outside groups make the choice if they want to use the facility. In this case, the school boards have the job of making that choice.

People have the freedom to protest that choice.

It appears that a court will now have the job to decide if the school board’s choice is in line with the laws of the land.