Sunrise on water

All of us have wanted a meaningful life.

Some of us have given up that dream because of the disappointments and wounds of the past.

But what if the past is not as important as we assume? What if what we believe about the future is more influential on our ability to have a meaningful life than our past, or even our present?

One of my favorite scriptures was written to a community who faced a number of challenges and had a rough past. In spite of their circumstances and history, God called them into a meaningful life based on what He was going to do in the future.

I believe that we can also experience a meaningful life by embracing the two callings found in Zechariah 8. ( )

Believe that God will make a glorious future.

Rooted in God’s Presence – Hope for the future is not found in naive optimism about humanity. There is hope because God promises to rescue us and dwell with us.

Marked by Peace – In the future the world will be a safe place, even for the most vulnerable.

Marked by Prosperity – In the future there will be an abundance of resouces for all people.

We can have hope because of God’s promise to turn things around in the future. However, God does not tell us to sit back and dream about the future! He gives us a second calling.

Live your life according to that glorious future.

Have Courage & Joy – We are able to face our challenges with strength and vigor because of the promised future.

Pursue the Glory of God – Knowing the source of this glorious future, we strive to give God the proper respect through our work and worship.

Prioritized the Good of Others – The glorious future will be characterized by Truth, Justice, and Peace. We had better get used to living that way! God calls us to be agents of those things here and now.

God’s invitation in Zechariah 8 still calls out to all of us. We can live lives of meaning by believing that God will initiate a glorious future, and by living in according to that future today.