Jim Robyn Vining

8 Years of Marriage

4 Zip Codes
17 Jobs
3 Fixer Uppers
4 Favorite Local Thai Restaurants
2 Favorite Local Coffee Shops
3 Favorite Local Ice Cream Shops
2 Cross Country Moves
4 Churches
4 Vehicles
6 Cameras
2 IPods
7 Computers
2 Coffee Makers
5 Blogs
1291 Facebook Friends
257 Mutual Facebook Friends
3 Conferences Attended Together
2 Degrees
26 Books Released by NT Wright
6 Of Those Books that We have Read
4 Coldplay Albums
3 U2 Albums
7 Mutual Favorite Shows
2 Surprising and Wonderful Children
Countless Diapers Changed
Countless Fun Family Adventures
Countless β€œDates” to the Grocery Store
Not Enough Other Kinds of Dates

Happy Anniversary Robyn! I love you!
I think that the numbers have us about a tenth of the way through our married life.
Here is to the next 72 years together!