Robyn & Jackson houAll of the recent talk about Health care Reform has gotten me to think about an experience that we had six years ago.

– Our newly found health insurance company dropped us, claiming that we had become pregnant before our start date.

– No other private health insurance company would take us on.  

– Our employer would not do anything to help us.

– We were not able to get another job that provided health insurance.

– There was no way for us to pay for the birth and prenatal care.

How is that for a high stress situation?

However, there was one other option for us. The state had a program that provided health insurance for low income mothers and infants for the pregnancy, birth and first year.

How is that for Pro-Life?

We initially resisted this option, but some friends pointed out that we had paid taxes into the system, the system was set up for emergencies like ours, and it really was the best option for our baby. We reluctantly enrolled.

How was our experience as clients of this state funded health insurance program?

1. The state did not interfere with our health care preferences.  After checking out a number of options for prenatal care Robyn was able to choose a holistic, cutting edge practice without even a question from the government.

2. The health care professionals were not limited by the state.There were some signifigant complications in the birth.  Our son was in rough shape. The hospital pulled out all of the stops to care for him. They were not limited by any budget set by the state.

3. We were able to choose best care available. Our son needed a major major eye surgeries in his first year of life. We were able to have a world renown specialist do the surgeries. They went very well.

Now I know that those experiences do not answer all of the questions in the current health care reform debate, but they do answer some of the concerns that have been raised. It is at least possible for a government to provide a top level health insurance.

We are on our fourth private health insurance company in the past five years. None of them come close to the quality of care that we had with the government plan. In fact, as I try to figure out how we can possibly afford to pay for a regular follow-up surgery for my son now that our “out of pocket maximum” more than tripled this year, I would love to be back on the state funded health insurance plan that we had six years ago.