Tristan LaughingTristan LaFave had been a Jesus follower for a few years. She was serving at a small church where she was also being mentored. She was living in a small town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan that she knew and loved.

Tristan sensed that God was calling here to something else, and she followed that calling. Tristan moved to the warm climate, rapid paced, urban metropolis of Milwaukee (Yes, everything is relative!). She took an internship working on the ministry staff of a suburban mega-church.

It would be safe to say that Tristan faced a significant learning curve. Things were even crazier than they appeared on the surface. The ministry that Tristan was serving in was in the middle of a major transition. They hired a new pastor to oversee the ministry while she was brand new, and boy was he a punk.

That new pastor was me (I am kind of a punk.), and I arrived when Tristan was just three months into her internship. A couple of weeks ago Tristan finished the second year of her internship. She is moving onto graduate school to train for a future ministry in counseling. I am so grateful that I was able to partner with Tristan for a couple of years. Here are a few of the many things that I appreciate about her.

Work Ethic: Tristan is the kind of person who makes sure that the job is done, and that it is done well. She does what it takes, even if that means working extra or doing things that she does not enjoy.

Pure Heart: Tristan consistently questions to make sure that things were right before God. She takes integrity seriously.

Compassion: Tristan cared deeply about people in our ministry. That desire to see people well has put her on track to a future in counseling.  

Fun: All of those things sound pretty heavy, but Tristan can also relax and have fun when the time is right!

Thanks for two great years T$! We are excited to see what is next for you!