Love Holding HandsOrthodoxy meet Orthopraxy.

I believe that the two of you would be an amazing couple. You really would make a great pair!  In fact, if I may be so bold, I think that you need each other.

Orthodoxy, I know that you have recived a significant amount of attention in this part of the world. You have been told that you are strong and independent and right. Some have been treating you like you are the center of the universe for a very long time, at least few hundred years. I guess that I am just afraid that it has gotten to your head (Sorry about the pun.). You just do not seem to be yourself anymore.

I am sure that you will remember her – Orthopraxy. For most of history, and pre-history, the two of you were like peas in a pod. Most people assumed that if one of you was somewhere, then the other was there also. This understanding was even reflected in the language of the ancients. In their understanding of reality to “believe” something was not just mental assent, or even heartfelt mental assent. For the ancients to believe was to do. Right belief included right action. Orthodoxy you were always with Orthopraxy.

In fact, one ancient writer said that without her you would be dead (I know, people have struggled with that quote for a long time.).

That is why I wanted to talk with you about (re)connecting with Orthopraxy. I love you Orthodoxy (I really do!), and I want to see you fully alive.  Orthodoxy I think that Orthopraxy is the one for you. She completes you.