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Let’s buy a house together!

We can can buy a house next to the Guatemala City Dump for only $4,000.

Not interested in living there?

OK. We can give it to one of the thousands of families who already live there without a home.

Worried about giving a hand out that might harm do more harm than good? 

Do not worry – this will be the smart kind of gift

The church that I am a part of, Elmbrook, has a long standing partnership with an organization in the Guatemala City Dump. Potter’s House is a Guatemalan Christian Organization committed to ministry to the 11,000+ people who live around the city dump. Potter’s House has history and relationships in the city dump neighborhoods. They will work with community leaders to identify the family that should receive the house.Potter’s House will then continue to their holistic care for the family.

I have seen how a house can change the future for a family in the Guatemala City Dump. A house obviously provides the family with shelter from the natural elements and some of the crime in the community. The house also gives the family the stability needed to break the cycle of extreme poverty. I have even seen families use their homes to launch innovative businesses so that their survival is no longer dependant upon picking through the city dump.

If you would like to help me buy a house for a family living in the Guatemala City Dump, please print out, or copy, the section below and send it with your contribution. Checks can be made out to Elmbrook Church, as they are coordinating the effort. Please include the code 99gu36 on the memo line of the check. Do not include my name on the check.

Thank you for partnering with me in this life saving gift


ELMBROOK CHURCH: Guatemala City/ Potter’s House Mission  (99gu36) 

Refered by Jim Vining

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Mail to: Attn – Elmbrook Church Finance Office   Elmbrook Church 777 S. Barker Road Brookfield, WI 53045