Is connecting with God at Christmas really an option for ordinary people?

Let’s  look at the story of the first Christmas again.

The story includes a group of ordinary people at a common job on just another day. Actually, they were below average in their day – a lower class, out of sync culturally, shunned religiously, plus they were smelly …

A group of shepherds were spending another night in the darkness of the fields

In the midst of darkness – a great light appeared. The light was the radiance of God.

Then an angel appeared.  An  angel was a messenger of God who carried with them the authority of God.

All of this happened to shepherds in the pasture – not priests in the temple or kings in the palace.

The angel announced “Good News of Great Joy for Everyone.”

The term “good news” was a royal declaration.

The shepherd were not used to being in the loop on royal or religious declarations.

But this message was for “everyone.”

It would bring great joy to everyone.

Even average people, even nobodies, even social and religious outcasts, even smelly shepherds.

Even you and me.

The good news was that the Savior, the Messiah, the Lord is born.

Why would this child bring “great joy” to everyone?

A multitude of angels appeared to summarize the implications of this birth.

They sang (some news is just that good!):

Glory to God in the highest places (because he has brought …)

Peace to the earth (because …)

His favor rests upon people.

This ancient message of Christmas is big.

Big enough for all of us.

How can you better realized the favor of God and peace on earth this Christmas?

How can you live more fully in the light of God’s Christmas declaration?