Recently, on the way to the car …

Jackson (age 6): Dad, I want to be a prophet of God when I grow up.

Jim (age 36): Oh yeah? What would you like about being a prophet of God?

Jackson: I would like to travel around and give people messages from God, like – “Be nice to each other.”

Jim: That is great Jackson. That sounds important, and you would be good at that.  You know that first thing that you will need to do is know God, and listen to God, so that you know what God has to say.

Jackson: Yeah, but dad, it is hard to listen to God. Sometimes it is just silent.

Jim: You are right. Sometimes is it hard to know what God is saying. That is why we spend a lot of time talking to God and listening to God, so that we get to know God better. It is also why we read what God has said in the Bible. That helps us know what kinds of things God says. Does that make sense?

Jackson: Yeah dad.

Jim: And Jackson, knowing God is the most important thing, even if you are not a prophet.

Jackson: That is right dad!