The other day I had a brief conversation with my son after he said he wants to be a “prophet of God” when he grows up.

We had another conversation tonight at bed time …

Jackson: I really do tell my friends messages from God. I am a prophet.

Jim: Oh, what do you tell them?

Jackson: Real God stuff like ‘Stop being mean to each other. Stop hitting. Stop fighting.’

Jim: What do your friends do?

Jackson: They listen to me. People always listen to prophets of God. People always like prophets of God.

Jim: Buddy, there are some stories in the bible where people do not listen to the prophets, and they do not like them.

Jackson: What!? Why wouldn’t people want to listen to a message from God? Why wouldn’t they like a prophet?

Jim: There are times when people do not want to hear what God has to say.  They want to be their own boss. They do not want God to tell them what to do – even if is good.

Jackson: They don’t want to listen to God?

Jim: There are times when it is difficult to listen to God, like when he tells us that we need to change. Prophets should always make sure that they are listening and obeying to God before we tell other people to listen and obey.

Jackson: Yeah, sometimes kids don’t listen. (Pause) So, sometimes people do not like prophets?

Jim: Prophets should give messages from God to people because they love God and they love people – not because they want people to like them. And that is really important to remember, even if you are not a prophet.