Below is a post from Robyn’s blog. May we all live more like this four year old.

I walked in the back door and the kids were sitting at the kitchen table, talking into hubby’s cell phone.

“Gram’s on da phone!”
“Hi, Gram! Hi! I’m out of breath, but hi!” I had just gotten home from running for a good 50 minutes.
Before I knew it Babydoll said this, “Oh, I can give you some of my warm breath right now– here…” And she leaned over and before I even understood what she was talking about, she was breathing into my mouth. “Open you mouth, Mommy, here…” And she was being completely serious.

minutes later she was still giving me breath 🙂
And then I burst out laughing.
She was giving me some breath because I was “out” of it.
And not just any breath, warm breath. She intuited I’d be cold.
She is instantaneously sweet, deeply selfless, and cute beyond compare.
Seriously, there are times I want to entirely absorb her into my being. I want to think and love as quickly as she does. She is so focused on things, that she solves problems quickly. But the deeply enticing part of her is not only her creativity, but her selflessness. It’s as if she’s quick to say, “Oh, you don’t have that? I do. Here, take mine.” Time and time and time again.
You need a pen? Some milk? My breath? Take mine.
Sister may run me to my daily ragged ruins with her activities and ideas and requests and messes, but she has got a heart in her that fuels me when I thought I had nothing left for the day.
She is marvelous.
“I can give you some of my warm breath right now– here…Open you mouth, Mommy, here… take mine.”
I want to be like my daughter.