Here are some significant books I am reading. I recommend any of them!

The Divine Commodity -Skye Jethani

I have finished this book, but it was good enough to mention. Skye skillfully looks at various trends in our consumer-driven culture, and exposes their dangers. Then he explains how the modern American church has conformed to these cultural trends, and the disastrous consequences that followed. Finally Skye makes suggestions of how we can recover what have lost. Even if you do not agree with all of Skye’s critiques of the modern American Church, the stakes are high enough that you need to give this book serious consideration.

The Hole in Our Gospel – Richard Stearns

I finally opened this book today, and it is already good enough to put on the list. Stearns is the president of World Vision U.S.. In this book he weaves together scripture, stories of extreme poverty, theology, and his personal experience to call us to a more full picture of what it means to follow Jesus in the world today. He calls us out of a privatized other-worldly faith, and into a faith that is actually good news for the world. He gives a very clear call for us to return to the Gospel that Jesus Taught – the Kingdom of God is at hand.

Knowing Christ Today – Dallas Willard

Willard is one of my favorite authors. As a philosophy professor at USC, the brother flows deep. I limit myself to reading his books when I am caffeinated and able to fully engage. In this book Willard argues that Christianity is to be a religion rooted in the knowledge of reality. He calls us beyond mere belief, commitment, and profession – showing the dangers of limiting faith to those areas. He shows that living out of knowledge of what is real is the way to a life-giving faith. It is the way that God intends for us to live.

The Me I Want to Be – John Ortberg

I am not crazy about the name, but the book is quite good. It is like a refreshing glass of water. Ortberg has a unique ability to take deep concepts, things written by Willard, and communicate them to a broader audience. In this book he begins with the freeing idea that God wants us to redeem us not replace us. There is a true self that God wants to restore through the Holy Spirit. Ortberg explores what this flourishing of the true self looks like in four areas of life: Mind, Time, Relationships, and Experience.