Back in January I gave a shout out to the Princeton Club for their Million Pound Challenge. At the end of the post I mentioned that I was going to participate by losing ten pounds. Well the club’s campaign ends this week, and I have reached my goal! Now the Princeton Club will donate one hundred pounds of food to a local food pantry!

Weight loss used to be pretty easy for me. My wife jokes that I could say “Hey I need to lose five pounds.” and it would be gone.  That is not the case anymore. Today it takes more than just thinking about weight loss for me to lose weight.

Here are a few things that helped me drop ten pounds as a Part of the Million Pound Challenge.

Being Part of a Cause: It was helpful for me to know that my weight loss was about more than me. I liked the idea of food being donated to the needy because of my work. There are many different causes – playing with your kids, running a race, or staying alive a few more years. Find a cause that motivates you.

Making a Public Decision: Making the decision to lose ten pounds was an important first step. Sharing that decision publicly was an important second decision.  Yes, there were a few, probably crucial, days when my primary motivator was the fear of telling a person from the blog that I had not reached my goal. Get some accountability.

Becoming Aware of Reality: It is easy to get a rut. What we consider normal might be a root cause of our problems.   I would have never considered myself a sweet tooth – until I gave up sugar for lent this year. The reality is that I was in a rut of eating sugary snacks when I was tired in the afternoon. Do something to show reveal what is real.

Being Intentional about Life: It is liberating to realize that our small choices really make a difference. I have become a moderate calorie counter over the past few months. I do stress about what I eat, but I do hold to a set amount of calories for the day. That calorie level is based on what I want to weigh.  Treat each choice like it matters.