Last weekend Robyn and I celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary! In addition to our annual anniversary outing in the city, this year we added a photo shoot!

The photo shoot was a lot of fun. We were in a unique yet beautiful setting that provided us with  some wild and crazy options for pictures. We were both in playful moods and ready for silliness.

Our wedding day was a lot like that – unique, exciting and a little silly.

There was a down side to the photo shoot, namely mosquitoes. They were unbelievably bad. It was painful to stand still at times. Those pesky hungry mosquitoes threatened to make a great event horrible.

In some ways it was like marriage – there are times when things are painful. Most of the time it is external forces and bumps in life, other times it is our own issues , either way we have to choose to keep moving forward.

In spite of being bitten by swarms of bugs, we would occasionally look each other deep in the eyes and smile. We had a sense that it was crazy and a little painful, but it was good. We had a deep joy in being together.

Our nine years of marriage have been like that. There are times when we face major obstacles or some comically absurd challenge, we look each other in the eyes and smile. We smile because we are in this together.

I have found that both the fun times and painful times contribute to a deep joy in marriage.

Thanks to our friend Matt Heltsley for taking the pictures in less than ideal circumstances!

Thanks to Robyn for a great idea for a wild and crazy anniversary photo shoot, and for nine years of wild and crazy marriage. I love you more today than I knew possible nine years ago!