Sometimes I feel a little claustrophobic.
There are times when my plans, setting and ideas feel small. Sometimes that means I need a change something in my life. Sometimes it is just my own internal issues and restlessness. Sometimes I simply need to place everything in the context of the biblical story.
The story of the scriptures is large enough to capture the corner of the world that I experience and the world that I sense is beyond what I know. The biblical story feels like a wide open field, a vast ocean, or a majestic mountain range to my claustrophobic soul.
Here is a quick summary of reality as I see it revealed in the bible:
God created everything.
Sin warped everything.
God is healing everything.
God invites every person to experience healing in every area of life.

Now that is a big story! It is a story in which everything matters and everything belongs.
I find freedom to run, explore, play and work in the picture of reality described in the biblical story.