This fall I chaperoned my daughter’s junior kindergarten class to a farm. To make sure that it was an “educational” experience, there was a lecture on animals. The speaker told the class that the animals were very busy preparing for winter.

There are three different animal responses to a change in the seasons:

Adapt – Prepare for the cold weather by making changes in their body and behavior. Rabbits take this approach.

Migrate – Leave the cold by flying to a warmer climate for the winter. Geese are best known for migrating for winter.

Hibernate – Enter a state of inactivity and metabolic depression for the winter. Bats are experts at winter hibernation.

As the presenter continued, I thought of how we humans respond to change. People, both individuals and organizations, facing change often pick one of the three responses found in the animal kingdom.

Adapt – Make the changes needed for success, or at least survival, in the new environment.

Migrate – Leave the situation and head for a more desirable environment.

Hibernate – Check out of the new reality while physically remaining in the environment.

Animals don’t really have a choice in how they respond to the change in seasons. They simply act according their species.  However, we humans are able to choose how we respond to the changes that we face in life.

What is your normal response to change?

What changes are you or your organization currently  facing?

How should you respond to those changes?