This is my first Sunday Shout Out in a long time, and it is a very special one. This Sunday Shout Out is to my mother, Judy Vining.

I could give a Sunday Shout Out to my mother for a lot of different reasons. I could write about how she sacrificed and served to raise two children as a single mom. I could write about the warm hospitality that she has extended to hundreds of people over the years. I could write about her career as a nurse serving thousands of women and children living in poverty. I could write about the strong convictions that guide her life.

While all of those would make great posts, this is about something different. This shout out is for the profound things that my mother said to me recently.

First, you need to know a little back ground. A few months ago we discovered that my mother has pancreatic cancer. Since the diagnosis our family has done a lot of researching, praying, planning, and crying. It has been hard, very hard. In a recent visit I was inspired by how she is choosing to face this difficult journey.

This is how my mother is trying to approach each day:

I want to handle the days ahead with grace.

I only know that I have today.

Today, I know that I am loved.

Today, I have people to love.

Today, I can make a difference.

Her words are full of wisdom that all of us would do well to live by.

(Thank you mom for all that you have done for us over the years. We love you. Happy Birthday!)