Regardless of what you think of politics, all of us can appreciate what President Obama is doing for fatherhood in America.

Social conservatives have long advised (I think correctly.) that fathers in America need to step it up and be more engaged in their families. They note the important roles that fathers play in the development of their sons and daughters. When a father is checked out, physically or emotionally, the family suffers.

“Pro-family” conservatives have a strong ally in the fight to improve fatherhood in the Democrat Obama.

This is an issue where there should be common ground between parties. Better fathers would help make better families, which would make better neighborhoods, which would make a better nation and world.

Obama is using his rhetoric (perhaps his greatest gift) to call us to be better fathers. He calls us to act like men not boys. Obama points out that manhood is not required to make a child, but it is proven in having the courage to raise a child. He calls dads to turn off the TV and tune into their children.

I do not question that others believed those things, but I do not remember hearing fatherhood emphasized by any other president.

More striking to me than Obama’s great speeches about being a father, is his example of being a father. I like seeing him with his children. I can not imagine his work load or stress, but I like that he still chooses to do fun things with his kids. While cynics say it is just for photo ops, I think it is crucial for our nation to see the president spending time with his children.

It is important for America to see the importance of being a dad.

Here is an AP story: http://tinyurl.com/mglmmj