dad with us at lake

My Dad turned 65 yesterday.
He spent the day winning a national championship 10K race for his new age group.

His time was actually fast enough that he would have won his previous age group (60+).
Even more impressive.

A few years ago, my dad, who is a life-long runner, had some health issues that caused him to wonder if he would ever run again.
That makes the championship incredible.

Earlier this year, my dad had a health diagnosis that caused us to fear that he would not make it to this birthday.
This national 10K championship is simply unbelievable.

I have always been proud of my dad’s running abilities. Some of my earliest memories are racing him on a track, watching him at a race, and looking at his running trophies.

However, this latest victory showed much more than an ability to run fast for a long period of time. This win was about perseverance and overcoming obstacles. While my dad did not really control the progressionof his latest health challange, he did have the option of pressing forward into life or retreating in the face adversity. My dad chose to face the brokeness of the situation and make the most of the life in front of him.

I admire that courage – regardless of what place he finished in the race.

I only wonder when he will slow down enough so that I can beat him in a 10K.