We moved to this beloved city. 

I didn’t know it was on the beach.
I didn’t know about the beautiful country close by.
I didn’t know the people are genuine beyond compare.
I didn’t know what this church would be like,
what this job wold be like,
what this neighborhood would be like.
I didn’t know Trader Joe’s.
I didn’t know who our friends would be,
or how we would meet them,
or if we would like them.
I pretty much knew that I was moving state-to-state for the 4th time in our 6 year marriage.
I pretty much knew that we seemed to do nothing but find places and people and grocery stores and traffic patterns and home decor we loved,
and then we moved.

And for all I knew, this was yet another move.
Another job.
Another city.
Another big church where we knew no one.
Another dang fixer upper house that we would wait years and savings to finish and enjoy.
(And then maybe move again?)
Another neighborhood.
Another airport I’d get lost driving to. For months. And months.
Another set of losses replaced with set of hopes.
Another move.
But this time?
This time, we’re so happy.
It’s not perfect.
It’s not easy.
And it’s certainly by no means rote.

We have people.

A Grocery store. (Ehem, Trader Joe’s!)
A beach 15 minutes from our house.
A incredible running route.
A fabulous gym.
A great job. (Well, we both do.)
A great church that is choosing to love the world well.
And a city we call home.
They say it takes 2 years to find that. They’re right.
And it’s pretty nuts when you move again just as you find it.
But we’re lucky.
We’ve got friends from each stop, and we can’t imagine ourselves apart from the beauty they have shared with us, and the love they have made us better know.
And we have this life here now that’s not perfect.
But it’s fabulous.
It’s got Grace.
And of course, as I type it’s 11:07 pm and I just an hour ago found my daughter disassembling her 3rd generation adult desk by pulling out the screws with her fingers…
Our ample bit of crazy.
Here’s to those who have known and supported us along the way.
Thank you.
We love you.
We like it here.
We are grateful.