Greetings World!

This should be fun.

I have held off on blogging for a while now, primarily because life has been really hectic for us over the past 7 years (4 homes, 4 jobs, and 2 kids!), and I was not really hip enough to get on the bus before that! However, now that we feel a bit more settled in life (insert sun emerging from the clouds) it seems time to give in to the statements’ “you really should blog.”

The tone of this blog will be conversational. I will simply try to picture the computer as a friend sitting across the table with a cup of coffee (or insert beverage of choice) with whom I am having a good conversation. The people who are close to me will tell you that that those conversations can range from hyper, to hopeful, to annoyed, to reflective. Those conversations also tend to include a lot of listening on my part. I am going to try to interact thoughtfully, honestly, and respectfully with any posts on this blog – at least as much as a pastor and father of two young kids and owner of one old house has time!

Many of the reasons for this blog are probably self serving. The blog will give me a place to express some of the thoughts that flood my mind each day, and hopefully get a little more focus and clarity on them. I also hope that I can get some insights from anyone who might read any particular postings. Like many of you, I have been incredibly molded by dialogue, friendly and not so friendly, with strangers, mentors and friends over the years. I hope that blogging will continue that tradition. While I am confident that I will benefit greatly from this blog, I do hope that some of my posts, will serve to do some good in this world. I really do love this place. It is my prayer and my life’s work that the world will look a little bit more like what God had/has in mind.

“Your kingdom come, Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.”

And to that end my friends – let’s do this thing!

Grace and Peace,