Lake Michigan is simply unbelievable!

Some of our geographically challenged friends did not know that Milwaukee was located on this great lake.

We are.

Unlike our larger and more famous sister city 90 miles south of us, we are actually able to make it to the lake without much fuss. Any point in the city is within a 15 minute drive to Lake Michigan.

The city has done a great job with developing a wonderful lakefront with beaches, museums, parks, festival grounds, marinas, the port, and trails – all aspects worthy of future posts. Most of those things are easy to get to and free to visit. I think that is great stewardship of this great resource.

Today though, I just want to celebrate the lake.

It is adventurous, calling us to the horizon.

It is daring, exploring all shades of blue.

It is exciting, brining new wave after new wave.

It is inspiring, showing us just how big somethings (outside of us) can be.

It is comforting, remaining just to the east of us at all times.

Much of our life, especially in the summer, revolves around trips to Lake Michigan.

In Milwaukee, we can squeeze a mini beach vacation into any afternoon. In fact, this post would have been up earlier today, but it was sunny and 82 degrees outside in April, which left us no choice but to visit the beach.

Lake Michigan is yet another reason why we love living in Milwaukee!


The view of Milwaukee and lake Michigan from Bay View on the City’s south side.

lake-mi-mke-winter-1Even in the winter, Lake Michigan proves an awesome sight!

For more great pictures of Lake Michigan – come visit Milwaukee, or search Robyn’s blog: