Last week my six-year-old son casually tossed out a powerful leadership truth.

After several minutes of patiently working to repair a wheel that had broken off of a toy ambulance, Uncle Carl apologetically informed Jackson, “Sorry, I don’t think that we can fix that wheel, buddy.”

Jackson responded matter-of-factly: “If you don’t think that we can fix the wheel on the ambulance, then I don’t want you on the team in charge of fixing it.”

The rest of the family burst out into laughter at the response.

Then we paused and recognized that Jackson had uncovered a crucial principle.

Belief in the mission is the paramount requirement for membership on the team entrusted with the mission.

Are you on any teams or groups where you no longer, perhaps you never did, believe in the mission?

It is time to re-engage or move on.

Where is the buy-in level of the people on your team?

If it is low, then you need to re-inspire them or find new partners.