I love music. I also like thoughtful news. So when I interviewed in Milwaukee a few years ago, I was curious to learn what I could find on the rental car’s radio.

I was pleasantly surprised!

After living here for three years, I am thrilled with the radio stations in Milwaukee (I say that as a person who has lived in a lot of cities!).  The radio stations in our city have turned my 1997 factory radio into a musical wonderland. Radio in Milwaukee is so good that I have not even bothered with using my iPod adapter. I just go with old school FM radio.

Here are my Radio Presets:

1. 89.7 WUWM Milwaukee Public Radio This is the NPR station at the University Wisconsin Milwaukee. During the day the station plays in-depth local, national, and global news. At night they play intelligent alternative music.

2. 90..7 WHAD Wisconsin Public Radio Oh yes we have two NPR options in MKE! This station offers quality programming from all over the great state of Wisconsin.

3.  88.9 Radio Milwaukee This is one of my all-time favorite radio stations. I love their quality eclectic mix of music (Wilco and  DeLaSoul in the same hour!). I also love that they include local musicians, and focus on community events.

4. 91.7 WMSE This is a non-profit radio station out of the Milwaukee School of Engineering. They have a number of volunteer DJs who really press the margins with fringe and experimental music.  It is the opposite of mass pop radio.

5. 102.1 Independent Alternative Radio When I need to hear something with a little more angst, I tune into this great station. They provide a nice mix of alternative tunes from the past twenty years